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Snow Leopard diploma
Diploma of the conqueror of the highest summits of the USSR
Anatoly Vasilenko

Professional guide, high-mountain instructor, member of rescue service. Has the title of the "Snow leopard" for successful conquest of the seven thousand meters peaks of Tian-Shan (Khan-Tengry, Pobeda), and Pamir (Lenina, Kommunisma, Korjenevskoy).

1998-2008 worked with foreign tourists in Kamchatka.1994 worked in International Mountaineering Camp (IMC) "Pamir" with foreign tourists, climbing to peaks Korjenevskoy (7105 meters - successful) and Kommunisma (7495 meters - successful).1993 worked with foreign tourists, in Kamchatka.1992 worked in IMC "Khan-Tengry" (Tian-Shan) with foreign tourists, climbing to peak Pobeda (7439 meters - successful), participation in the resque works on peak Khan-Tengry at altitude of 6700 meters and peak Pobeda at altitude of 5600 meters.1991, March member of the first International USSR-Japan expedition on the Kluchevskoy volcano (successful).1990 worked in International Mountaineering Camp (IMC) "Khan-Tengry" (Tian-Shan) with foreign tourists, climbing to peak Khan-Tengry (7010 meters - successful) and peak Pobeda to altitude of 6700 meters.1989 climbing to peak Lenina in Pamir (7134 meters - successful).
Numerous climbings to the Kluchevskoy and Tolbachik volcanoes.

Worked with tourists from Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, France, Australia, Japan, North and South Korea, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Holland, Hungary, Spain, Israel.

Speaks fluently English.

Worked as a professional guide since 1990. He knows the territory of the "domestic volcanoes" (Koryaksky, Avachinsky, Kozelsky, Aag, Arik), Gorely, Viluchinsky volcanoes, Kluchevskoy volcanoes group very well.

He likes extreme sports, mountain skiing from Koryaksky, Avachinsky and Viluchinsky volcanoes.